What You Need to Keep You Warm when Surfing on the Internet

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I hate winter, except the beautiful snow, it’s dull and cold. The worst part is, every time I sit a little longer, my feet go freezing. But I love surfing on the internet and chatting with my friends and twitting and all the stuff. So I always end up with cold fingers and numb feet. I think this situation affects lots of people besides me. Well, ‘winter haters’, focus here, because I have found something to solve the problem. And as far as I’m concerned, these stuffs have done a great job.

First things first. The urgent need I feel is to keep my feet warm when I sit in the chair for a long time. So I went to a familiar Chinese online store named PickEgg which provides quality electronics and gadgets product with awesome price. By the by, here’s a tip: buy stuff from online stores instead of the local stores, the same product charges much less on the internet. And some stores can ship the product to you free of charge. Ok, so I just wandered around on the store not knowing what I was looking for. And ‘bang’, I came across this cute USB powered feet warmer cushion with cat paw shape. It looks warm and soft. And the leopard skin pattern looks fabulous. Although there are other feet warming shoes with lower prices, none of them has got a cuter shape, so I got this one. And it feels just as I thought, soft and warm. Now this has become one of the necessity everytime I work on the computer. And sometimes I use it to warm my hands when they go freezing. The only issue is that I have to take it off and wear my cold slipper when I go to the bathroom, because I can’t walk in this feet warmer. Anyway, I think it does a great job keeping my feet warm. Check it out, is it cute or what?

Cute USB Powered Cat Paw Feet Warmer Cushion

It’s enjoyable to have a cup of hot coffee when you are blogging or chatting with your friends on twitter. My problem is my coffee always gets cold before I remember to drink it up. It’s really impressive how fast a cup of coffee gets cold in my room. Or maybe it’s just me always lost tracking of time when I’m online.  To prevent this, I get a little USB cup warmer. It’s quite easy to use, I just leave the cup on it when I working on the computer and my coffee would stay warm. There’s a on/off button on the side, so I just turn it off when I don’t need it. Actually I seldom turn it off, but it’s nice to have an option.

USB Powered Electronic Warmer Disc Cup Warmer White

Well, that’s what I have got, and I think they are very cute and useful. If you guys have something else that you think is wonderful, please share with me. I will appreciate it. Let’s get through the cold winter warmly!

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What You Need to Keep You Warm when Surfing on the Internet

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What You Need to Keep You Warm when Surfing on the Internet

This article was published on 2011/01/07