Effectiveness of Brainstorming session

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To streamline modus operandi and improve operations, companies need ideas that can be explored in an effective way. Brainstorming is a powerful technique to generate ideas. During brainstorming session, people with different ideas share, mix, and expand their diverse knowledge on a particular subject.

Without nifty thinkers and innovative ideas, inventions and developments cannot happen in this modern world. As we are living in a highly competitive world, companies and industries are finding it difficult to survive for a long time if something new didn’t happens in certain time intervals. It is hard to think about a world where everything will go stagnant due to lack of novel ideas. Since we can't imagine a world like this in this current scenario, everyone will try to come out with some out of the box ideas. A very good example for this is Sir Isaac Newton. It is his curiosity to find the principal behind an apple falling to the ground that led him to find basic laws of motion.

Similarly, if companies have to streamline their procedure and improve operations they need ideas that can be adopted in a productive way. Brainstorming is a powerful technique to generate ideas, where people with different ideas will share, mix, and expands their diverse knowledge on a particular theme. But brainstorming is not just about generating ideas; it also measures the quickness and the effectiveness of ideas that will work best in emergency situations. Attending brainstorming sessions with a calm and cool mind, but with proper preparations, will be just like weekend parties. The session will be lively and spontaneous and it will create a good work atmosphere where everyone tries to contribute in a better manner. In total, we can say brainstorming will charge individual energy and stimulate their enthusiasm. Moreover, people who express creative ideas will get more space to grow. They will get an opportunity to come out of their daily responsibilities to get a bigger picture about the company.

Do you think cross-fertilization of fine ideas will really deliver better results? I think the proper usage of techniques and tips are critical factors for the success of a brainstorming session. If you want to discuss about the effectiveness of bringing new technologies to a company, then you should surely discuss about the benefit of the idea and difficulties in implementing it. If you are running out of ideas, then get a net connection from providers like XFINITY Deals and enjoy the world of creative thinking.

Some of the traditional rules to make the brainstorming session more productive are as follows: Encourage everyone to talk on the floor. Give confidence to come up with wild and embroidered ideas. Give importance to quantity of ideas more than quality. Build on ideas given by other. Give equal priority to every person and their ideas. Withhold judgment of ideas. After collecting ideas from each and every person, the facilitator should evaluate it, because it is not possible to elaborate ideas without proper judgment. At this stage, ideas that have lots of value will be filtered and carried forward for implementation and ideas with little or no value will be discarded. Thus, implementation problems will eventually be solved. Emotions play a big role in decision making.

While some entrepreneurs are good decision makers, some will go with their instinct or gut feeling. Those who take decisions based on their intuition can take decisions in any uncertain condition or due to lack of information. But the underlying fact is that decision makers should pay attention to both emotions and feelings when making decisions. As one single wrong step can take away a lot from you, it is always advisable to practice a pre-decision making or a brainstorming session before taking any major decision. Better decision-making always works on creative alternatives, understanding consequences, clarifications on the uncertainties and risk tolerance level. But the vital part of decision making will be separating and resolving near-term issues, while gathering information relevant to issues that will arise later.

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Effectiveness of Brainstorming session

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Effectiveness of Brainstorming session

This article was published on 2012/03/14