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Annotated bibliography is one of the most nerve wrecking assignments that is given to students most probably due to the fact that the student lacks annotated bibliography writing tips. Annotated bibliography writing is quite simple unlike the common notion among student that it is not only complex but also tie consuming. However, to ensure that stdunets admonish this mindset about annotated bibliography writing we have developed certain tips which are recommended in any annotated bibliography writing task. These are the items which the lecturers look out for in any annotated bibliography writing hence those who are conversant with them are more likely to generate high quality annotated bibliography writing papers.

The very first tip on annotated bibliography writing is that the student should be conversant with the topic or title of the paper for which the annotated bibliography writing is being compiled. This is because most probably than not the lecturer will give put a topic and ask the student to search for the annotated bibliography sources in various places. Hence when one understands the topic and formulates probable topics in the same, the annotated bibliography writing is bound to be much easier as the student will not only know whereto look but what to incorporate as annotated bibliography writing sources in their paper.

After a thorough understanding of the topic in the annotated bibliography writing the client then identifies the various scholarly sources of academic material or information. The academic sources for annotated bibliography writing are not only limited to textbooks which are secondary sources but they also incorporate the primary sources of information such as the websites of companies or firms. Similarly, magazines and journal articles also account for the annotated bibliography writing academic sources as most of the articles in the journal are written by researchers or scholars who have conducted their own research. The annotated bibliography writing task should avoid vague sources such as Wikipedia whose content is based on public opinion rather than reliability. Reliability and validity of the sources, as well as the data they contain in the annotated bibliography writing is essential as predicts the possible outcome of the resulting annotated bibliography writing paper. Newspapers and websites which have authorship or ownership are also excluded as non-academic sources mainly because the authors are not researchers hence they may post invalid information that may compromise the students grade.

 The quality of a paper that is written after preparing the annotated bibliography writing is based on the nature of sources hence the student should pay more attention on the sources and the relevance of its content. Consequently, annotated bibliography writing has to be written in the most accurate writing and referencing style as recommended by the lecturer. These way scenarios such as plagiarism or poorly written annotated bibliography writing paper are avoided.

The most vital component of the annotated bibliography writing is the explanation of the relevance of the source to the topic. This is usually given in terms of relevance, reliability and validity. In order to make this part original and accurate the annotated bibliography writer must have read through the source to gauge the content.

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Annotated Bibliography Writing Tips

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